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About WyoWifey Shoppe

Have you ever had those "God idea" moments? The times where you know it came from the Lord? That is how WyoWifey Shoppe was born! It came during one of the most difficult seasons for my family. We needed a breakthrough. In the 2019 Christmas season, the idea came to try and sell treats. Much to my surprise it took off and I was asked to do other holidays. Fast forward to January 2021 and the Lord dropped the idea of "Charcuterie" on my heart. As soon as the idea came the thought of "I can actually do this!" kept playing through my mind. How perfect this "God idea" was, too! It perfectly married my creativity, my love of feeding people, my love of  professional presentation and great customer service. I could use it as a way to make people feel special and it could serve as a reminder of how much the Lord loves them. It has done exactly that.


It is because of the Lord's guidance and the incredible support of my family,  friends, and community that I am able to continue doing what I love. Thank you for your support!


Holly (WyoWifey)

Made With Love

Every treat is individually handmade. You might notice slight imperfections or differences with each treat, but it is full of flavor and love.

Just like a homemade treat your mom used to make, it brings all the warm feelings! 


Charcuterie, pronounced SHärˈko͞odərē, is traditionally an arrangement of cured meats and variety cheeses, but has quickly evolved to what it is today. These charcuterie arrangements now include crackers, fresh and dried fruits, nuts, and other accompaniments. Though they are usually meant to be an appetizer, you could enjoy them as a meal. 

Each charcuterie box, tray, or spread I create is beautifully unique for you, helping make your occasion extra special.

 Logo Meanings

"Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you. I will praise you as long as I live, and in your name I will lift up my hands. I will be fully satisfied as with the richest of foods; with singing lips my mouth will praise you." Psalms 63:3-5

"...His banner over me is love." Song of Solomon 2:4

In summary, He proclaims His love over you...His love which satisfies more than anything this world could offer.

To My Hubby

Thank you for being my greatest fan and walking this journey with me.

I love you.


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